Gloomy Valentine - animation

The lyrical and monstrous are interwoven in Gloomy Valentine, a stop motion, animated short film that tells the story of Gloomy, a woman struggling to overcome the sadness of a broken heart. Aesthetically influenced by gothic surrealism, Gloomy is haunted by memory and is ultimately consumed by nightmarish shadows.

Directed by Isabel Peppard, the script for Gloomy Valentine was inspired by Song for a Gloomy Sunday. The song itself inspired a theme of the gloom that love leaves when it goes and within this theme the lyrics planted a few images such as the animated shadows and bleeding heart. During pre-production we made extensive notes from the script and broke it down to a shot list, storyboarding the film and creating a timed animatic from the storyboard elements. We then tested the animatic by shooting a test sequence, allowing us to further fine tune the animatic prior to the start of the actual shoot.

Watch the Gloomy Valentine trailer here. Buy the film on iTunes.