Things Left Behind - Documentary

Things Left Behind is a short documentary that presents a modern take on the age-old pursuit of gold. Using a metal detector Shane finds things that people have lost, thrown away or left behind over the past century or so...

A few years ago, in the inner-city park hidden under a cliff, there came a strange beeping sound. Outside was a guy with a small metal detector device strapped to a broomstick. A week or two later he was back with a full-scale metal detector. What drove him to continue to scour the park for treasure? The answer was gold. But as he dug through the park, he brought up much more than gold. He uncovered layers of forgotten history, dropped from the pockets of who knows who… but as he said: “their loss is my gain.” The idea that anyone could walk into a park and find and 1860s gold coin is an alluring one… but with modern metal detection equipment it is possible – in fact it is easy. You just have to be lucky.

Available on iTunes soon.